Looking to harness the power of your subconscious mind to achieve & receive your desired outcomes? Then you, my dear are in the right place!

Hypnotherapy is a powerful personal development tool to help you further integrate into who you are becoming, to let go of limiting beliefs and decisions, and to program in new beliefs that will support your goals and growth in a gentle way.

We use hypnosis to help facilitate change on a subconscious level around all areas of your life &/or work/business.

You will be in full control during our session together.

Even though you will be deeply relaxed, you are in full control of your body and mind. As your Coach & Hypnosis Practitioner I will be guiding you into a deeply relaxed state & making suggestions to your subconscious mind to help you integrate into your desired state of being.

Only suggestions aligned to your morals and values will be accepted internally.

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Hypnosis is a Potent Way To:

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Roshan James,
Poet & Author

“Thank you Lacey for guiding us through a goal clarifying meditation and an effective and affirming hypnosis, I literally feel lighter and more connected - the group hypnosis had such a powerful amplification of energy.


I’ll be signing up with Lacey for ongoing Hypnosis.”

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Haley Press, 
Owner ~ Reveller.ca

“Experienced a wonderful meditation and hypnosis from Lacey to supercharge my goals and receive positive energy and abundance to become my best self.


Feeling so motivated today and had the coolest dream last night afterwards… (I don’t normally remember my dreams, but I did last night) and this morning I looked into the meaning of it, a lion locked in my home and it means that I am working to manifest something big for my future, and I am working to create more security for myself and I am turning that energy into manifesting mode now) and it was SCARY-ACCURATE & RELATABLE. LOL

— this experience was so cool!”

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Christie Collins,
Food Coach ~ Grow.Prep.Create

“Thank you for hosting that group hypnosis, it was so opening and a great reset for the mind.


I’m feeling so energized today and can’t wait to see what you offer next!”


Includes Live, Custom Hypnosis Done Via Zoom
& Audio Replay Track


  • Will be conducted on Zoom ( link and session details will be emailed after you book)

  • ​Session audio Replay Provided (to continue reprogramming your subconscious with frequency)

  • ​Will be 1 hour(60 Minutes) long - Preparation information will be sent ahead of your session


  • Any booking cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance to ensure a refund or re-schedule.

  • Any questions or concerns can be sent to hello@wildhoneycoaching.com


Thank you and I look forward to helping you on your healing and transformation journey.