Ready to overcome limiting beliefs, repeating cycles and to kickstart a quantum leap in your life?

 These 90 minute breakthrough sessions are designed to help you release limiting beliefs & decisions so you can deeply embody your most confident self and put an end to the things that keep you stuck or in repeating cycles.


These sessions will have you rewiring your beliefs & identity at a subconscious level to create massive momentum toward your highest self, goals and dream reality.


In these sessions I use NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), T.I.M.E Techniques, EFT, Life + Success Coaching & Hypnosis modalities and methods to facilitate transformation on a subconscious + somatic level.


You may also use this session to receive support and coaching around things such as imposter syndrome, overcoming money blocks, income up-levelling, increasing confidence, growing your business and programming your desired goals & identity into your future timeline.


Breakthrough sessions are aimed at collapsing the time it would normally take to achieve your desired results, by working directly with your subconscious mind and programming it for success. All transformation change-work and growth support is done through an embodiment, mindset, & energetic lens to help you quantum leap into your next level.

Quantum Breakthrough Sessions are a Magical Way To:

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

bri ~
amediumnamedBri, Psychic Medium

As a healer and someone who holds space for other in my work, it was a treat to receive such a transformative and energy-giving session from Lacey.


The session was my first experience with TIME techniques and working with my personal timeline (past, present & future) to both release and call in the things I desire in my life as I continue to level up.


Throughout our session, I was able to be guided in releasing negative emotions of guilt, limiting beliefs that no longer serve me, and to create and call in the version of myself that is living my highest truth unapologetically.


Since this session, I’ve had very cool dreams and signs confirming the releasing and letting go of that heavy stuff - and clearing space for what's next. In situations where I would have felt the pang of guilt (before this session) I now acknowledge it and let it go - holding my boundaries FIRM.
It feels so liberating, and it feels like freedom.
DO NOT sleep on investing in your quantum leap with Lacey - this was such a wild experience and I highly recommend to anyone looking to shed what no longer serves them and to step into that version of yourself and dream reality you've been obsessing about.

Mistie Brown,
City Development & community Leader

My breakthrough session with Lacey was a powerful experience in self discovery and letting go.


The session felt like a deep and relaxing meditation, and I felt comfortable and confident in Lacey’s ability to guide my unconscious mind through past experiences.


Throughout our session, I could physically feel myself letting go some heavy emotions that I’d been unknowingly carrying around for decades. I immediately felt lighter.


Since this session, I’ve been able to set some new meaningful intentions that have already shaped my life for the better. This experience felt like the deepest breath. I can’t thank Lacey enough.

Sam, Artist & freelancer - Los Angeles

“I initially came to the session thinking my issue was procrastination and time management, but through the breakthrough session, Lacey was able to peel back the layers and help me realize what was keeping me stuck was actually a fear of success and being seen. Which was a total "ah-hah moment' for me in understanding why I procrastinate or fixate instead of taking action forward on my big goals.


Lacey walked me through such a cool timeline exercise to release fear, and I felt SUCH an immediate energy shift. I also felt so much compassion for myself and realized have the stuff I'd been doing was to feel safe. The affirmations & journal prompts were so nice to work through what came up during the sesh.

Honestly, this was exactly what I needed to literally UNSTICK myself and to stop playing small. That same week I started taking action on things that had been on my list for months - I feel renewed and refreshed and I can't wait to do another session with Lacey - so so so grateful”



  • Will be conducted via Zoom (link and session details will be emailed after you book)

  • Will be 1.5 hours (90 Minutes) long - Preparation information will be sent ahead of your session


  • Any booking cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance to ensure a refund or to re-schedule.

  • Any questions or concerns can be sent to

Thank you and I look forward to helping you on your personal growth, healing and transformation journey.