My Story

My name is Lacey Heels & I’m a Mindset & Success Coach!

I have been coaching for 5 years now and own two companies in the online education, entrepreneurship and personal development space. I am so deeply in love with what I do and helping people just like you to deeply trust, love and know yourself — so that you can confidently design and enjoy a life of purpose & fulfilment that feels radiant and aligned from the inside out.

I’m a Certified Life & Success Coach and a Practitioner of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy, T.I.M.E. Techniques & EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), with an expertise in mindset, lifestyle design & business strategy.  I have a keen interest in the rituals and subconscious change work that helps to increase and expand our confidence, pleasure, energy, spirituality and sense of meaningful connection to that which deeply matters.

You are here to break patterns, to heal and to grow beyond what you once thought was possible for yourself.

My Mission

I believe that creating an aligned life, moving with intention, working with purpose and achieving our greatest desires is an inside job. It requires clarity, motivation, joy and accountability. I also believe the best approach will depend on a persons unique needs, experiences and desires, which means that everything we do together is a collective effort with your highest vision, needs and goals as a top priority. Working with me is not only joyful and effective, but will take you outside of your comfort zone to finally achieve the results you’ve been craving.

You are here to break patterns, to heal and to grow beyond what you once thought was possible for yourself. You are deeply feeling, curious, creative and ambitious, with big goals and desires for yourself. Who you are being is the foundation of everything I do as a Coach, Facilitator & Leader.


This is about you truly learning and understanding that what you experience in your life, relationships and work has everything to do with how you FEEL, deep down on a cellular level.

I value you and your commitment to your vision and dream life.


Coaching is sacred to me and the folks who choose to walk alongside me and co-create in partnership as they elevate their confidence, impact & quality of life know with a full body yes that this is for them and make it happen.


There is no place I’d rather be, than helping you create the life of your dreams and to step into your highest potential.


I'm so excited to connect with you!


With gratitude,