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Ready To Dip Your Life in Pleasure?

Welcome to “Dip Your Life In Pleasure”, an intimate 5 week group program that is here to reignite, reconnect and realign you towards that which deeply matters to you.

  • Maybe what you once wanted for your life has changed

  • Maybe you are looking for ways to live in alignment with a new version of you and what you want

  • Maybe you are ready to reignite your passion and sensual expression

  • Maybe you are yearning to deepen your relationships and find effortless belonging inside a heart-led community

The bottom line is that you, like many others are interested in taking action to shift your lifestyle to be in greater alignment with who you are and what you want right now. 

What Is This Program About?

This program is all about living a pleasure-led life that is designed by YOU, where we will go deep into each area of our lives (Lifestyle, Mindset, Body, Work) to define what deeply matters to us, assess where our levels of energy, focus and fulfillment are presently at and actively shift those areas of focus to experience more of what we desire in our life, mind, body, relationships and work. Above all else, this program asks you to meet yourself where you are at, to get honest about what you want and to make it yours by following my pleasure-led life design training & activations.

Inside the group experience, each person will create a custom pleasure-led life design that aligns with the TRUEST version of you, what you desire right now and throughout the program we will co-create & integrate it together!

I am spilling everything on how we not only create but embody a life DIPPED in pleasure, where I will take you through my signature trainings, rituals, subconscious & somatic change-work, and hold each of you to being the designer, writer, editor & actor in your own life, not only making it your masterpiece - but becoming the star of the f*cking show.  

Before we can create a life that is absolutely dripping in pleasure, we need to first become a pleasure architect and act accordingly.

What Will We Cover Inside The Program?

There are 4 modules inside the program focusing on lifestyle, mindset, embodiment & work life, click on the learn more & book now to see how the experience is structured.

Module 1 / A Life That Drips ~ Designing a Life That Penetrates Your Heart with Passion & Purpose

Before we can create a life that is absolutely dripping in pleasure, we need to first become a pleasure architect and act accordingly.

It’s time to take a deep look at the blueprint in front of you and to see it through a new pleasure-led lens. Here we will audit and edit what is right in front of us. How is the foundation? Are we happy with the current layout and design? Did you think to include secret bookshelves, red rooms and tree forts? In other words… what is and is not working, what does and doesn’t feel good, what do we want to keep and what do we want to throw away? Crafting a pleasure-led life means being crystal clear on our values, our purpose, our short and long-term goals/desires, what gives us energy and how we want our days to look and feel.

Module 3 / Becoming an Embodied B* ~ Creating, Dating & Masturbating

It’s not enough to design a blueprint of our dream life and spend our days thinking about and visualizing it in our heads. We need to feel it and in order to feel it, we need to take action and embody the energy of it.


My secret weapon to helping activate your inner pleasure prowess is the three pillars of the pleasure frequency - creating, dating & masturbating. It’s time to reconnect with your child-like sense of joy & play, to romance yourself, your friends & your lovers and to step outside of the comfort zone with sensual expression & erotic embodiment.

Module 2 / S'cuse Me, Imposter Who? ~ Integrating Sexy, Supportive, Game Changing Beliefs

Once we have our freshly minted life design that makes us salivate just thinking about it… it’s time to make sure we don’t f*ck it up… aka: time to upgrade our mindset and body so we believe its possible and that we are worthy of receiving it.

Even the most decorated, educated and prolific pleasure architects can self sabotage. Part of creating our new life is upgrading our programming. How do we alchemize things like self doubt, imposter syndrome and procrastination into showing the F*ck up for ourselves? How do we keep ourselves lubed up and moving with ease? How do we normalize messy action and make art out of showing up, showing out and boldy expressing and going for what we want consistently.


This is the part where we get out of our own way and step into our highest potential by integrating sexy, supportive and life-changing beliefs, behaviours and rituals.

Module 4/ Workin to Live or Living to Work? Work That Empowers Your Pleasure-Led Life

The reality of our lives is that a good portion of our time is spent working. We have needs, responsibilities and goals that require money. Because we spent a great deal of our time working, it can have a big impact on our livelihood, mood, energy and quality of life. There are ways to structure our livelihood so that it positively impacts and empowers our life.


Here we shift our relationship with money and our approach to work. We don’t have to change everything about our work or start a business to experience alignment and luxurious abundance in our life.


This module shows you how to eliminate those upper limits and activate various wealth codes for luxurious work-life harmony.

What's Included?

This program is a blended experience, where you will gain access to audio trainings, workbooks and recommended ritual assignments to do the deep solo work, as well as community connection and support from peers and expert mentorship from your facilitator and certified mindset & success coach. The structure of this program will guide you to integrate, celebrate & share your pleasure led-life design in a way that is expansive, electric and easeful.

4 Pre-recorded Trainings, Guided Hypnosis Audios & Workbooks

The magic of your transformation starts with downloading new information, reflection and solo work. Here you will receive custom trainings, guided hypnosis audios & a workbook for each module dripped into your inbox/group chat at the beginning of each week.

4 Live Group Coaching &

Co-Creation Sessions

You will be deeply held through this experience. After your solo work, come together inside community for mentorship, peer support & expansive


Optional 1:1 Breakthrough Sessions

Week 3 will offer a break to continue integrating your work from modules 1-2 & to book yourself an optional 1:1 coaching session with Lacey to experience the potency of a hyper-focused, custom breakthrough with your current goals.

Private Community &

Bonus 21 Days of Rituals

All members will gain immediate access to a private chat group to stay connected with peers and previous DYLIP graduates. As a bonus, members will also gain lifetime access to the "Tune In & Turn On" 21 day Ritual Bundle, jam-packed with additional rituals, prompts and activities.

The Investment

There is no question that this program will transform your life and bring you closer to your true sense of self, unlocking your deepest desires. This is a potent expander for your life. You are being asked to commit to yourself and your hive of co-creators for 5 weeks, as well as an investment of $197.00.

Payment plans are available upon request.

I am honoured to hold you through your decision to live differently, fully & to put your pleasure at the forefront of your greatest transformation yet.

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