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Welcome to the Tune In & Turn on 21 day, DIY, self-paced experience. This value-packed, habit-forming bundle will empower you to go deeper into self awareness, to shift your mindset & practice embodiment rituals that will activate and transform you from the inside out.


It's time to strip away the bullshit stories and limiting beliefs that make you feel stuck or like you’re not worthy or capable enough and to be reminded of who the fuck you are!


Each day contains a guided subconscious brain-training activation, reflective journal prompts & embodiment rituals to help you heal, rewire and transform into your most confident, abundant and sensual self.


Inside You Will Receive The Following:


  • 9 Guided Hypnosis Audios
  • 9 Guided Visualization/ Meditation Activation Audios
  • 3 Guided EFT Tapping Videos
  • 3 Embodiment Music Playlists
  • 40+ Embodiment Rituals
  • 100+ Transformational Journal Prompts


Enjoy this as a guided 21 day, self paced experience -- or keep these mindset & embodiment rituals to listen to again and again as a part of your daily personal growth routine.


One time purchase of $50.00

Tune In & Turn On - 21 Day Ritual Bundle

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