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Hello love, my name is Lacey & it's so nice to meet you!

  • I am a Mindset, Business & Embodiment Coach

  • Practitioner of Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), T.I.M.E Techniques & EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

  • Multiple- six figure earner, multi-passionate entrepreneur

  • Artist, Podcaster, Pleasure Advocate, Animal Lover, Silly-goose-time-haver​


In a nutshell, I am here to help you create deep and meaningful changes in your life so that you can increase and expand your confidence, pleasure, energy, expression, wealth and sense of connection to that which deeply matters. I believe that creating an aligned life, moving with intention, working with purpose and achieving our greatest desires is an inside job. My purpose as your coach and mentor is to guide you towards alignment, prosperity and fulfillment, by reigniting your fire, co-creating the plan to make it yours and holding you accountable every step of the way.

Keep reading for more on my story and why I do this work.

Your Greatest Masterpiece:
Living Fully.

Learning what deeply matters to me and how to design a pleasure-led, purpose driven life didn't happen over night. Yet, every step of the journey showed me the way.

Learning what deeply matters to me and how to design a pleasure-led, purpose driven life didn't happen over night. Yet, every step of the journey showed me the way.


My first dream was to be an expert story teller & industry leader.

I worked my way up to becoming a senior leader in the corporate marketing world, managing teams and representing some of the biggest brands in the world, achieving what was once the biggest dream I had for myself. It was such a highlight to finally reach that “goal-post” I had envisioned for so long… but upon arriving at it.. I found it didn’t fulfill me in the ways I thought it would. On top of majorly burning myself out, finding myself in a relationship that reflected a poor sense of self worth and generally feeling lost and without direction or meaning … I decided to change my mind and choose a less traveled path far outside my comfort-zone. I walked away from the huge salary, and the relationship to pursue entrepreneurship and art.

Breaking out of the matrix and working differently.

Enter the entrepreneur

As a freshly minted business owner doing freelance marketing & business consulting, for the first time, I created my own hours, worked when I wanted, with whom I wanted taking on all the projects that lit a fire in my soul… I felt as if I had unlocked the next level of the video game - experiencing this new found flexibility and freedom.


I had more energy and was able to do more of what I loved: helping my clients create their dream life and businesses, fostering dogs, going to yoga classes and coffee dates in the daytime and creating art at night… Ouuuffff… what a dream!? 


From there I started networking and learning about my community, which inspired the creation of a podcast & online community called, The Maker’s Collective - a platform to interview and educate creative entrepreneurs about how to make a living with their art. This initiative quickly grew into a global movement, education company and outlet for thought leadership and ambitions to change the way we view work as a whole. Having fully learned and integrated how to work differently after a few years, with one 6 figure business under my belt, I started to investigate the other side of the coin, how do we make sure we are also living differently, and who must we become to do, be and have everything we desire?

Redefining what success looks like...


From there I pivoted my private coaching & consulting business (Wild Honey Coaching) toward a specialized focus on mindset, embodiment and lifestyle, because as I learned from speaking to and working with thousands of entrepreneurs & creatives inside my other business (The Maker’s Collective) – even when we crack the code on aligning ourselves with the work we love or creating the businesses we dream of… even when we have the vision, strategy and plan to #makeithappen… we can still get in our own way, doubt our abilities, let fear and imposter syndrome sabotage our potential and success, and ultimately get stuck in the cycle that rips apart our sense of self worth, purpose and direction.


I discovered the key to ensuring that those things don’t stop us from experiencing the life we desire.

Aligned & Pleasure Led...

Today, I genuinely love my life, who I am and how I spend my days. I am all about slow living, working with the rhythms of my cycle, prioritizing pleasure, depth and meaningful connections. I have found belonging with soul-family and friendships. I decide what my days look like, I travel, I take spontaneous days for adventure or rest without worry or guilt. I am lit up by the work I do, helping people from an aligned and experienced place. My cup is overflowing with love, passion and playfulness that spills over into everything I do and that energy only seems to attracts more of what I desire. When life ebbs and flows (as it always will) I have the tools and rituals to keep myself grounded, regulated and boundaried to weather the storms. 


I am so grateful to work intimately with all people who have a desire to transform their lives into one that fulfills and inspires them everyday. I help my people to get clear on what guides them. Their values, purpose, strengths, desires and dreams. I work with my clients and community to get clear on their goals, who they wish to be, how they want their work, relationships and life to feel -- then create a plan and work with them to integrate it and get the results they desire. We can’t just decide what we want and follow a “5 step plan” to go after it and get real results. We must do-the-work, take radical responsibility for ourselves, dissect and unlearn our belief systems, behaviours and habits that get in the way and limit our desired results. We then have to install new ones at a subconscious and somatic level, integrating daily change and building self trust through mindset, embodiment and ritual work. ​


It is truly an honour to help my clients achieve the same euphoria I have felt from a pleasure-led life, doing work that matters and feeling turned on by themselves and their lifestyle.

When we repair the relationship we have with ourselves, tap into our pleasure and power, find community and mentorship to guide us along the way and have an unshakable belief in self and our vision – that is when we experience the transformation. 


If you are ready to create deep and meaningful change that will spark momentum and transformation inside of you that will spill over into all the areas of your life, reach out and let's get you there together.

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