Are you ready to take control of your livelihood and feel turned on by yourself & Your life again?

The good news is, you are the key to your own success and
I am the vehicle to help get you there  - beep beep

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Hello love, my name is Lacey & it's so nice to meet you

I am a Mindset, Business & Embodiment Coach


 Practitioner of Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

 T.I.M.E Techniques & EFT

(Emotional Freedom Technique)

Here to help you to create deep and meaningful changes in your life by combining the magical techniques of subconscious brain training & embodiment rituals.

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I believe that creating an aligned life, moving with intention, working with purpose and achieving our greatest desires is an inside job.


I have a keen interest in the rituals and subconscious change work that helps to increase and expand our confidence, pleasure, energy, spirituality and sense of connection to that which deeply matters.


I've learned that who we are being, the relationship we have with ourself, nurturing a growth mindset and taking aligned action is the most powerful way to start seeing the results we want in life, and it has become the foundation to everything I do as a coach, facilitator and leader.

If you are here, you are interested in making a change, breaking patterns, healing from the inside out and growing beyond what you once thought was possible for yourself.


I work with wild honeys... aka: folks who are deeply feeling, curious, creative and ambitious, those who are here to do things differently, who have big goals and are ready to make it happen.

If you are reading this, I want you to know, there is no place I’d rather be, than helping you to create the life of your dreams and to step into your highest potential.


Thank you for being here, I'm so excited to connect with you!


With gratitude,



Whether you are looking for single transformative sessions, group work or longer term 1:1 private coaching, there is something here for you! 

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Hypnosis Session

Custom hypnosis to facilitate transformation on a subconscious level

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Breakthrough Session

Release limiting beliefs & blockers to experience your quantum leap

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1:1 Private Coaching

Mindset, Strategy & Embodiment coaching to reach your next level.

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3 Steps to Rewire Your Mind for Success, Set Intentional Goals & Create the Reality You're Dreaming Of!

FREE Prompts, Meditation and Subconscious Rewiring Guide


I'm so honoured to share what folks are saying about our work together!

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Leah Christine,
Artist~ San Diego

“If you are ready to know yourself more deeply, and access clarity you didn’t know was passible, work with Lacey!

Lacey asks some tough questions, and makes you dig deep, but she also guides you!  So, those answers are within reach and not quite so overwhelming to try to find.  She helped me to realize some things about myself, that I hadn't truly known since I had never taken the time or energy to put them into words.  This is important for so many reasons!  It got me into the right head space to actually get things in gear and, with Lacey's continued guidance and advice, make consistent forward progress in my business without the fear of burnout.  I'm looking forward to what comes next!  Thank you, Lacey!!”


Janet Kosowan,
Life Coach ~ Eudaimonia

“I first met Lacey at one of her workshops and promptly hired her as a coach afterwards. I was wowed by both her scope and depth of knowledge in mindset and business strategy, particularly how she could so easily grasp what applications I needed for ease and confidence in different parts of my life, not just in business.

As an entrepreneur, the “online” aspect of my business was daunting and I was overwhelmed, with little time for it.  It was truly a relief when Lacey was able to understand what was required for my business and very pro-actively and creatively came up with a plan … and numerous ideas for me to work smarter, not harder.

 Lacey shares her knowledge freely and generously and is supportive and engaging.  The day we launched my new offers, she was literally by my side, making sure it went off without a hitch.   I definitely feel that she is invested in my business and I consider her a trusted mentor.”


Haley Press, 
Owner ~

“Experienced a wonderful meditation and hypnosis from Lacey to supercharge my goals and receive positive energy and abundance to become my best self.


Feeling so motivated today and had the coolest dream last night afterwards… (I don’t normally remember my dreams, but I did last night) and this morning I looked into the meaning of it, a lion locked in my home and it means that I am working to manifest something big for my future, and I am working to create more security for myself and I am turning that energy into manifesting mode now) and it was SCARY-ACCURATE & RELATABLE. LOL

— this experience was so cool!”

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Roshan James,
Poet & Author

“Thank you Lacey for guiding us through a goal clarifying meditation and an effective and affirming hypnosis, I literally feel lighter and more connected - the group hypnosis had such a powerful amplification of energy.


I’ll be signing up with Lacey for ongoing Hypnosis/Coaching work.”


Sarah Midnight,
midnight Raven Studios

“Truly the BEST launch I have ever had. I feel so confident and if I keep up this momentum, I know I’ll be hitting all my goals before the end of the year!


I highly credit my coaching with you for this! Thank you so much gorgeous”


Christie Collins,
Food Coach ~ Grow.Prep.Create

“Thank you for hosting that group hypnosis, it was so opening and a great reset for the mind.


I’m feeling so energized today and can’t wait to see what you offer next!”