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Your Guide to Pleasure Led Living


Hi, I'm Lacey!

My mission is to empower and support all people who wish to transform their lives into one that fulfills and inspires them every damn day. A life that is dripping in joy and pleasure, fuelled by sacred rituals, creativity and full bodied expression, a life where we celebrate being the artist and masterpiece of our own making.


I create space for honeys to experience more depth, live into their purpose, embody ooze-worthy confidence, create rich connected relationships and expand their influence as integrated leaders in all aspects of their lives.


Book a Session:
Mentorship and Coaching

Ready to make a shift in your life, business or career? It would be my pleasure to guide you through your next transformation and level up!

Group Programs:
A Honey Needs a Hive

Looking to grow with a community of like-minded honey's? Check out my transformative group programs, workshops and events here.

“ If you are ready to know yourself more deeply, and access clarity you didn’t know was possible, work with Lacey!

Lacey asks some tough questions, and makes you dig deep, but she also guides you!  So, those answers are within reach and not quite so overwhelming to try to find.  She helped me to realize some things about myself, that I hadn't truly known since I had never taken the time or energy to put them into words.  This is important for so many reasons!  It got me into the right head space to actually get things in gear and, with Lacey's continued guidance and advice, make consistent forward progress in my business without the fear of burnout.  I'm looking forward to what comes next!  Thank you, Lacey!!"

Leah Christine, Artist~ San Diego


Canadian Made,

Available Worldwide

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